Make your own

Hello Kitty Doll!


It's easier than you think to make your own Hello Kitty Doll, and you can dress her in whatever colours and accessories you like!


Make your own 14cm Hello Kitty Doll!

You will need:
Pattern - print out pattern at the bottom of this page
Squares of felt in white, pink and red (or whatever colour you want to dress her in), Scraps in black and yellow
Red ribbon
Lace or braid, small flowers or beads to decorate her smock
Black wool for whiskers
Synthetic filling
Rice or beans
Thin card for base
Scissors, needle and thread

1. First, print out the pattern (below). Enlarge it if necessary and cut out all the pattern pieces.

2. Stitching: Stitch all seams with the right side of the felt together so that the sewing ends up on the inside of the doll once you stuff her. On curved seams you may need to make nicks to stop the seam bunching. Stitch close to the edge of the felt but leave at least 2-3mm between your sewing and the edge.

3. Body: Trace Hello Kitty's body, face, head, ears and hands onto the white felt. Cut the pieces out, paying attention to how many of each piece the pattern tells you to cut. Stitch hands together along curved edge. Nick seams and turn right side out. Stuff lightly and put them aside for later.

4. Stitch head pieces together, leaving gap at neck opening. Turn to right side out, and stuff with synthetic filling. Stuff firmly if you want a more solid doll, or loosely if you want a soft doll. Sew black wool whiskers and glue on ovals of black and yellow felt for eyes and nose. Tie a small bow with the red ribbon and sew above left ear. Gather lower straight edge of head and pull up gathers tightly.

5. Stitch Body together at sides. Cut 7.25cm diameter circle of thin card and felt for base. Turn under a 5mm band around edge of felt circle and iron flat. Trim card to fit inside felt circle, then with card in place, sew base to lower edge of body. Stuff body the same way you did the head. Gather neck edge of body. Sew head onto body along lines indicated on pattern. This part may be a little tricky so go slowly.

6. Clothes: Cut dress from red felt, or whatever colour you choose! Stitch curved side seams. Place over body, gather neck edge and pull up gathers. Cut out smock from pink felt, stitch curved side seams and add lace frill to neck and hem edge. Place over dress and add sleeves. Sew on sleeves securely. Stuff sleeves lightly and gather wrist edges lightly. Insert hands into remaining opening and sew in place.

Lastly, decorate Hello Kitty's dress and smock with whatever pretty braids or beads you have!

Next, you can make a Mimi doll by using the same pattern - but make sure you put her bow over the opposite ear!