Embroidery with Hello Kitty


Sometimes on a quiet, rainy afternoon, when Mimi is baking her famous muffins and cookies, Hello Kitty likes to do a little embroidery! It didn't take long to learn the basic stitches: Stem stitch, Chain stitch and Daisy Chain. Just have a look at the pretty practise pattern she made:



You can do it too, here's how to do those stitches:

If you use different colours, you can make all sorts of patterns, and you can decorate your handkerchiefs, pillowcases or anywhere you like. Here are some shapes you can trace onto your fabric and embroider:




Or you could trace a picture of Hello Kitty!

If you get really good at it, there are more stitches you can experiment with,

Satin Stitch, Whipped Stitch and French Knot: