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Simple Version
Hello Kitty's Tea Party is run by two people who do it for fun in their spare time (when they have some). We aren't some big corporation, and we don't get rich from Hello Kitty by having various ads around the site. The site has been running since February 96. The ads pay for the hosting costs. If it gets too expensive to run, we will take the site down, but because of the enormous traffic we get (thousands of people a day) and all the positive email we get, we figure people like it and so we'd like to keep it running. If you click on the ads on the site, we paid a little bit, which encourages us to update the site more often and make it better.

We respect the privacy of people on the internet, especially the privacy of children (we have children of our own). We will never use the site, or any information gained from the site to set up a mailing list for ourselves or anyone else, to sell or in any other way disclose to other people, without explicitly asking beforehand.

Hello Kitty & all other sanrio characters on this site are copyright Sanrio Corp,

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Complex Version
At we care about providing you with tools and information to manage and protect your online privacy. We have developed this privacy policy to inform you about what information this web site collects, who may receive that information, what we may do with the information, and how long we keep it. While we have made every attempt to make this policy as clear as possible, if you have any further questions about it, please contact us:
email: contact at groovygames dot com

For your convenience, the table below provides a summary our privacy policy. Please consult the rest of this document for more detailed information.

Does this website use cookies to keep track of my information?
Yes, this website uses cookies.

What types of information does this website collect?
We collect the following types of information:

Who will receive the information?
The information will not be shared with anyone.

How long will the information be kept?
The postcard database is flushed periodically.