Cadbury's Secret Chocolate Research Centre Revealed!

I know that everyone, much like me, is consistently impressed with the highly innovate chocolate bars Cadbury seems to keep coming up with. Such imagination! Such innovation! Such ground breaking research! What genius mind does it all come from?

Well, you'll be shocked to know it's not a mind at all - it comes from a computer program! And even more amazing, I managed to hack into the Cadbury's computer system and steal the program! Thousands of man hours of some of the finest Artificial Intelligence programmers the world has seen have gone into this, and here it is just for you!

Below is the latest output from this amazing piece of software, click below to see another revolutionary chocolate bar from this modern miracle.

An Exciting Blend of Nougat and Wafer, all covered in Delicious Cadbury's Chocolate.

Show me another chocolate miracle!

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