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You've probably gotten the emails, from some "official" in Africa somewhere (usually Nigeria), needing to move a large amount of money for a dead relative, and needing your help to do it - in exchange for a commission which will net you a few million for next to no work.

There are people out there called Scam Baiters who respond to this mails, fully aware of the scam, lead them on and have some fun with them. They not only have fun, but they actually indirectly help people out. Scamming is a numbers game - they send out millions of emails and probably only get a few responses. If a scam baiter wastes their time, well, that's one less person getting scammed. Many people have been taken for tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I tried scam baiting for a while, but got bored. It's mostly pretty formulaic. But then I thought: how many scammers are aware of the wonderful art of Salvador Dali? The writings of William Burroughs? None of them! They are living in a cultural wasteland. What better way to grow their cultural horizons than give them a first hand taste of surrealism?

So, that's what I did. Read on for details!

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